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A Culture Of Excellence 

A community-driven club, where values of sportsmanship, teamwork, and holistic development are embraced, fostering an environment where athletes thrive both on and off the field.




4-6 July 2024

Save The Date! Belgotex Elite Club Challenge 10th Edition – 2024

From its humble beginnings 12 years ago in 2013 (with two years of the event not taking place due to the COVID-19 pandemic), with just four teams to begin with the Belgotex Elite Club Challenge has now expanded to include 16 men’s and ladies’ teams in its momentous 10th year of this event taking place.

With an expected turnout of 320 players in 2024, along with coaches, managers, and supporters from local and further afield clubs, PLUS an additional 160 participants through the qualifier, the 10th BECC event is set to be an even bigger and better affair.

Junior Hockey


Established in 1992, our Junior Hockey section, has grown to over 400 members between the ages of 2 and 14 registered for the Riverside Hockey Junior programme.

In 2008, RHC launched the Youth Hockey Programme (REACH) to cater for U12′s and U13′s.  All 14 year olds and upwards are  encouraged to join our senior section.

2011 saw the launch of the Hockey Tots programme, teaching basic beginner sports skills for 3 to 4 year olds as well an incorporating what has traditionally been our under 5′s and 6′s into the introductory levels of hockey.

With the laying of the RHC’s second turf in April 2011, the programme became and remains the only one in South Africa currently using two turfs which ensures extra space for members to learn their skills.

high performance


Riverside Hockey Club prioritises the holistic development of our members, by promoting a sense of belonging and educating our sports men and women on our guiding principles. At its foundation, our vision of a culture of excellence places a balanced emphasis on 4 pillars that have an effect on our club, and its sustainability as a whole in order to achieve long term goals. 





Education is incomplete without sports, and a high performance culture is incomplete without the true education of sportsmanship. Our culture of high performance model outlines strategies for Riverside Hockey CLub to improve on it’s sport’s culture with the goal of achieving enhanced performance outcomes, that will benefit both the club, the member and society as a whole.


Restoring sportsmanship and civility to the sports arena in South Africa must become a shared concern. Riverside hockey club has identified a need to educate both coaches and players from a grassroots level at schools, and the club environment. High-performance core beliefs and principles provide that opportunity, emphasising the development of both physical and mental discipline, as well as a focus on self-improvement and personal growth which ultimately benefits teamwork, whether on or off the field. 

Past Junior


Apache Riverside Spur Annual Hockey Festival

The Apache Riverside Spur Annual Hockey Festival is a fantastic event that brings together young hockey players, their families, and the community to celebrate the sport of hockey. With its rich history, excellent facilities, and commitment to supporting underprivileged children, the festival is a must-attend event for anyone who loves hockey.

The 2024 festival was held on Sunday 16 June, and provided  a platform for young hockey players to showcase their skills, build new friendships, and have a fun-filled day with their families.

Senior Hockey


Riverside 1st Team Women

First established in 1992. Our club has grown immensely since its inception and the club offers top-tier facilities to its members including two artificial turf pitches.

Riverside Hockey Club is NOT simply a hockey club. It’s a healthy community environment with a high-performance culture that requires an ethical code of conduct.

RHC prides itself on being a community-driven club, where values of sportsmanship, teamwork, and holistic development are embraced, fostering an environment where athletes thrive both on and off the field. Our athlete-centred approach prioritises team/player development, leading sportsmen and women through a powerful platform for high-performance achievement across all aspects of life.